Whether you’ve had your heart broken, are worried about risking your heart again, or feel like you have nothing left to give, you can find happiness again. You can move forward from this place and find the love you deserve!

Over the course of our confidential coaching sessions — via phone or Skype, and with ongoing email support — we will put your breakup or divorce behind you and do the work you need to do to attract your perfect partner.

You can find plenty of relationship and dating coaches online — but not all of them have been where you are now.

I have. When I got divorced after a 9-year marriage, I had to confront a lot of demons before I could get out there and try to build a new relationship. And when I did brave the waters, I made disastrous mistakes. In fact, I almost gave up and thought that I would never find love again.

It was only when I hit rock bottom that I found the right strategies to revamp my outlook on life — and how I approached dating in general.

This new impetus in my dating life led me to the best relationship of my life.

If I can do it, you can too. And I am here to make sure you do not make the same mistakes – or new ones – when you are ready to start dating after a divorce.