How to use the Law of Attraction to Manifest the Love You Desire

Ok so, you’ve meditated, prayed, made a list and outlined exactly what you want in your potential mate. You know what he likes and dislikes down to how many creams and sugars he likes in his coffee.

He’s so close to finding you that you can almost smell him, right? He’s interesting, funny, and has a pocket full of compliments waiting for you at all times.

We all have an idea for what we want, and even if it isn’t as clear as the description above, we have a general idea for the qualities we need in a potential mate and the deal breakers that we just won’t stand for.

Back in 2010, this was me. Divorced, but hopeful that I would get the chance to find love again.I had a clear picture of what I wanted in a new man. While it was good that I knew what I wanted, I found myself worrying too much about how that guy would manifest himself in my life. I spent entirely too much time mulling over where, when, and how h e would approach me and if I would be ready when he did. Sound familiar? I quickly found myself in a sea of anxiety and negativity and even worse, I remained single. It began to dawn on me that despite knowing what I wanted,

I wasn’t practicing the law of attraction. The law of attraction is an ancient theory that suggests that similar attitudes, attributes, and energies attract. So in essence, if I was walking around self-conscious and anxious, I was carrying that energy with me and driving men away.

As a single person, it is important to do some soul searching! If you are truly happy and content with who you are, it will lead to attracting the mate of your dreams.

Like a magnet, he will be drawn to your internal happiness and contentment. You will exude confidence! The same way that you have your list of likes and dislikes and deal breakers, you have to trust that the person you’re looking for has theirs to. Most men can tell whether or not a woman is anxious and uncomfortable in their own skin.

A quick solution to combatting anxiety and negativity surrounding dating in general is to practice self-care and with that positive words of affirmation. I must admit that this takes some a while to implement, because it involves honest introspection and exploration of oneself.

Regularly, I look at my reflection and repeat:

1. The partner I seek is also seeking me.

2. I am in love with a wonderful man who adores me and is caring, committed, loyal, trustworthy and understanding.

These are just two of the many affirmations that will help you to take a moment to build yourself up and can help with radiating that positive energy.

Essentially, if you retrain your mind and shift to care a little less about attracting the perfect mate and a little more about you – your strengths, resting your mind and exploring your interests it will begin to build confidence and positivity!

Implementing a strict self-care regime might feel foreign initially, but it will ensure that you can be a high performer and attract the type of mate YOU want.

Studies show that the happiest and most fulfilled couples met while participating in a similar interest or hobby. Wouldn’t it be awesome to find your mate while sky-diving or taking that oil painting class that you have been meaning to do for the past few months?

What are you waiting for? The search for your new love begins with YOU. So get busy girl



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